Angola: MPs Propose Road Rehabilitation in Cuanza Norte

Ndalatando — The deputies within the ruling MPLA Party proposed on Monday, in Ndalatando, the rehabilitation of the inter-municipal roads of Cuanza Norte, with a view to facilitating mobility within the province.

The wish was expressed at a press conference by the MPLA Parliamentary bench coordinator, João Diogo Gaspar, who at about four days evaluated the degree of implementation of the Integrated Municipal Intervention Program (PIIM), which was launched this year by the Government.

“There is a need to increase the level of water distribution in various parts of the province and to quickly repair some access roads,” he said.

He added that the parliamentarians also learned about the implementation degree of the State Budget/2019, highlighting public investment projects, mainly in the social sector and the impact on people’s lives.

Regarding the implementation of PIIM, he said that civil society has called for a greater oversight in the implementation of this program that will allow combating regional asymmetries.

The MPLA parliamentary group carried out from 2 to 6 visits this month to the 164 municipalities of the country, in order to collect proposals and projects to be included in the 2020 State Budget.


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