South Africa: Time Is Not On South Africa’s Side

Despite being indecisive, directionless and rudderless, South Africa has so far managed to somehow avoid the critical juncture that dooms or saves the nation. That point is now hurtling towards us – and only swift action will stave off disaster.

For the last several years there have been predictions and claims that South Africa was “at a fork in the road”. That the next event, conference, few months, two years, or election would decide which way we were going. In each case, there has been no definitive direction, no definitive decision. But now the fork in the road is just ahead of us. In just three months, South Africa’s luck could finally run out.

From the start of 2017, many believed the ANC’s Nasrec conference would show which direction South Africa would take. The split nature of the result (and in particular the election of now-President Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC leader and Ace Magashule as its secretary-general) meant no definitive direction was immediately forthcoming.

Then it was believed that the elections would prove decisive. They were not. At least in terms of direction for the country (although you could argue they were decisive for the DA… ).

After that, Ramaphosa’s…


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